Men’s Ministry

Being a spiritual leader of the family is one of the key roles men are commanded to be. The purpose for the Men’s ministry is to help build and strengthen relationships with our brothers in Christ and provide activities, which will promote spiritual growth. Some of the activities in this ministry include: Study groups, retreats, fellowships and workdays. The men’s ministry is dedicated to helping men be the Christ-like examples God calls us to be. The goal of the Men’s ministry here at Broken Bow is to provide men with resources and activities to develop godly character, and to equip them to influence their world for Christ. (Proverbs 27:17; 1 Thessalonians 5:11, Colossians 3:19. Ephesians 6:4)

Tuesday Morning Men’s Breakfast

the first and third Tuesday of each month at 8:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall.

Bi-Monthly Men’s Business Meetings

The third Sunday evening after services every other month. The men plan and discuss the financial, spiritual, and well-being of the congregation’s needs.

Bible Classes/Ladies Classes/Youth

Oversee and coordinate the scriptural aspect of all Bible materials, content, and classes to ensure they each are sound and in accordance to the scripture’s teachings.


Coordination of services each Sunday morning for the line-up of men to cover announcements, song-leading, scripture reading, communion services, prayers, and devotionals.

Gospel Meetings/ Congregational Singing/ Evangelism/ Benevolence

Coordinate congregational events among members and between sister congregations; communicate with other congregations as well as promote attendance in support of other events among the brethren and churches of Christ; provide support and benevolence to our own members as well as those in need of the community.

Women’s Ministry

Home Help

Ladies coordinate help in the home post surgeries/illnesses/deaths involving members or their families.


Benevolent needs specific to families in need.


Organizes and administers kitchen resources, setup, and clean up after use including 5th Sunday fellowship meals.

Food for Ill/Funerals

Food prepared for funerals and those in need due to illness.

Shower Committees

Assures that no one is overlooked during the special times (marriage or birth) of their life even if they are new to the church family.

Wedding Closet

An organized room with items to be used for special times in a member’s life. This helps our church family to cut expenses for these occasions.

Monthly Ladies’ Fellowships

Hostesses set the date, menu, and activity.  Different hostesses each month.  December fellowship is always an Ornament Exchange.

5th Sunday

The women coordinate and serve the 5th Sunday Potluck meal after morning services. The ladies prepare or bring dishes to accommodate members as well as visitors and always provide plenty for everyone. Its a wonderful time of fellowship and bonding among brethren. Occasionally, services are arranged differently on 5th Sundays as Bible class, worship, potluck meal, and an afternoon service following the noon meal as a replacement to the traditional evening worship service. Sometimes, the afternoon service consists of a short devotional following a song/prayer service.

Senior Graduate ReceptionHeld at a Sunday Potluck in May to honor all high school Senior graduate members of the congregation.

Special gifts

To honor Mother’s and Father’s Day are given to members and visitors.

Christmas baskets

Assembled with personal items, snacks, and homemade goods and distributes them to the nursing home residents.

Card Ministry

Cards sent for sympathy, illnesses, birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions.


Are provided for the elderly and those in need of a way to get to the doctor etc.

Food pantry

For both the community and members are organized and kept stocked for future needs.

McCurtain County Christmas Adopt-An-Angel program

Help with sorting and bagging toys for distribution to the numerous children in need in the county.


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